A downloadable dream for Windows

This Lovecraftian and Weirdcore-inspired roguelike was made in 7 days for the 7DRL Challenge of 2022.

Explore the weirdest and scariest side of the subconscious, and choose your fate with your actions in this multiple-ended game, with voice-acted characters speaking to you to convince you to join their side.

Play it with the mouse and 'WASD' (or the Arrow Keys) and remember: "each time we talk, a message hides, in big letters right in front of your eyes".

Better played with notes to keep track of messages and secret messages! There are 3 Levels before the ending(s)! The tutorial might be useful to understand the basic mechanics of the game and to help serve THEM.

Install instructions

Download the compressed folder and extract the content, then open the normal folder and play the executable file, without removing any of the files from the folder!

(Updated recently to: fix an ending-breaking bug, make 1 piece of darkness flicker, fix a problem that makes the eyes happy and not angry if you defy them)


The Deep Dreaming - Original (WARNING the ending is bugged!).zip 29 MB
The Deep Dreaming - Bugfixed (post7drl).zip 29 MB